“In mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God, so that from Jerusalem and round about to Illyricum I have fully preached the gospel of Christ.”
—Romans 15:19

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry of International Charismatic Church seeks to glorify and serve God through building the spiritual foundation, character, and integrity of men. We encourage men to uptake their biblical mandated mantle and walk with Christ in prayer, study and fellowship. We desire to encourage and prepare men to serve as the head of their households and work together to defeat the obstacles that men encounter in their everyday lives. In everything we do, we desire to honor the Lord our God. 

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of International Charismatic Church centers on meeting the spiritual, emotional and mental needs of women. The Ministry aims to build and strengthen women’s knowledge of the Word of God and its application in their daily lives. Here women also have the opportunity to share their gifts with each other through self-improvement classes, seminars and programs. The Ministry stands to encourage, advise, guide and share information with each other that will strengthen women in every aspect of our lives.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry of International Charismatic Church slogan is “Let your light shine.” This slogan represents the immense spiritual gifts bestowed upon youth of this generation and the need for them to discover and utilize these gifts to lift up their generation and build up the Kingdom of God. We seek to provide them with a thorough understanding of God’s Word often using real life world examples. In addition to the youth choir, drama and dance groups, the youth join together once a month for seminars that approach education, money management, leadership, friendship etc. from a biblical foundation. This year the theme for these seminars is “A Purpose Driven Life.”

Children Ministry

The Children’s Ministry of International Charismatic Church seeks to instill God’s Word in the children so that they may have this as their foundation and grow to be men and women of Christ. We involve our children greatly in activities within the church providing them the opportunity to do work in the house of God such as singing, doing drama skits, praise and worship dances.

Music Ministry

An encounter with the International Charismatic Church choir will bring you into a place of joy and peace. They minister to the Lord and the congregation joins them in song and dance. Every encounter with the music ministry is a blessing.

Warrior’s Ministry

The Warrior’s Ministry of International Charismatic Church has taken up the mantle to pray for the church, the community and the world. The Warrior’s join together in prayer weekly to lift the burdens of world to the Lord God Almighty who is in the business of turning situations around.

Ushers Ministry

The Usher Ministry of International Charismatic Church welcomes and ushers people into the House of God and seeks to maintain an atmosphere of reverence and order in the church. The ushers are here to answer any questions that one may have before, during and after Sunday service.

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry of International Charismatic Church brings the Word of God to our congregation and the world through technology and media. This Ministry is an essential piece of every service, program and event.

Administrative Management Ministry

The Administrative Management Ministry of International Charismatic Church serves as the back office of the church. The work this Ministry performs comes to the forefront through services, programs and the everyday operations of the church.